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White Frame Locs

wholesale white frame locs sunglasses
All sunglasses are sold by the pair. Minimum order is $100.00 . FREE SHIPPING when you order $200.00 or more!
It is really hard to find a great pair of White Frame Locs Sunglasses, but not with us! We have the coolest collection of White Frame Locs Sunglasses with a number of different designs for you to flaunt. Check out our latest White Frame Locs Sunglasses and order one now. Our White Frame Locs Sunglasses are totally unique and ultra modern. These are too attractive to be missed out on. So check out our collection of these White Frame Locs Sunglasses and chose from a variety of –
  • Teardrop bandana pattern Gangster White Frame Sunglasses
  • Easy E White Frame Shades
  • Pot Leaf White Frame Sunglasses
  • Street Racer Style Locs White Frame Sunglasses
  • Polarized Lens Locs White Frame Sunglasses (No Logo)
What makes these White Frame Locs Sunglasses so special is the fact that they look great as a day wear accessory. So hurry and grab one soon!
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