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Homie Shades

homie shades wholesale locs sunglasses
This is a wholesale only site; you don’t have to have a retail or wholesale business to be a registered user on our website.
All sunglasses are sold by the pair. Minimum order is $100.00 . FREE SHIPPING when you order $200.00 or more!


Redefine your overall appearance by sporting a pair of Homie Shades from our collection. If you love wearing shades, you need to grab a pair of Homie Shades to upscale your entire look. Our Homie Shades are designed to bring out a really urbane and modern look for whoever adorns it. Without compromising on any aspect of quality, we provide these Homie Shades for you at really minimal rates. Grab your own pair of these Homie Shades to experience the finesse they offer. Each and every part of the shades is made with superior materials and great craftsmanship.
Our Homie Shades provide great protection to the eyes from harsh sunlight, wind, dust, and other harmful air elements. They protect your eyes with the benefit of adding a great amount of style quotient to your entire look. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your favorite pair from our collection to make your style count!
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