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Compton Shades

compton sunglasses -wholesale locs sunglasses
This is a wholesale only site; you don’t have to have a retail or wholesale business to be a registered user on our website. 

All sunglasses are sold by the pair. Minimum order is $100.00 . FREE SHIPPING when you order $200.00 or more!


Compton Sunglasses are great in terms of balancing the street style and the classy look. Compton Sunglasses can be worn on any occasion by anyone. These pair of sunglasses suits different face cuts with their ultimate styling. The amazing framing of the Compton Sunglasses gives them the ultimate chic and stylish look. We offer an awesome collection of these wonderful Compton Sunglasses to choose from.
We have designed our entire collection of Compton Sunglasses, keeping in mind your needs. The primary function of a pair of sunglasses is to give protection from harsh sunlight and other external elements, and once you try our Compton Sunglasses you will realize that our products do not compromise on this factor in any way. In fact our Compton Sunglasses make you look fashionable in the truest sense of the word alongside serving the purpose of protecting your eyes from harsh eternal elements in the best way possible.
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